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03/06/2017 Colloquium Series - John Ferejohn: “California’s Groundwater: A Political Economy”

It is widely believed that water is badly misallocated in California because it is mispriced, resulting in too much agricultural use. At the same time, however, California’s groundwater…

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Protein Crystallization for X-ray Crystallography

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09/09/16 - Tocqueville Lecture Series: Tun Myint: "Citizen Science in a Democracy: The Case of Thai Baan Research"

Over half a century of the power struggle between local communities and the state on environmental governance issues in Southeast Asia, the conception of data, knowledge, and science went through…

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Linear Programming Problems, Part b, More Examples

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CIBER Symposium on Sustainable Development: "Alternative Energy & Sustainable Development"

The first panel of CIBER Symposium on Sustainable Development was on the topic "Alternative Energy Sources." It featured Dr. Azzam Alwash, founder and CEO of Nature Iraq; Silvia…

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