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IU CIBER Doing Business In & With Europe Conference: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Doing Business in Europe

The Indiana University Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) hosted the Doing Business In and With Europe Conference on May 28, 2018. This event brought together regional…

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Plagiarism Tutorial from the Ruth Lilly Medical Library

This tutorial defines plagiarism, discusses the implications of being caught plagiarizing, and provides tips and trick to prevent plagiarizing information. There are several resources discussed…

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Licensing workshop ft. speaker Andy Harner

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W200 04-3 Formal Business Forms Summary

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W200 04-2 LLCs

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W200 03-2 Sole Proprietorships

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W200 03-1 An Overview

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X100 04-3 Summary

Lecture 4: Formal Business Forms

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X100 04-2 LLCs

Lecture 4: Formal Business Forms

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X100 03-2 Sole Propietorships

Lecture 3: Business Forms

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X100 03-1 An Overview

Lecture 3: Business Forms

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4. Working with Patent Lawyers (1)

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6. Foreign Patent Practice

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5. Working with Patent Lawyers (2)

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7. Patent Litigation (1)

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2. Statutory Bar

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1. Inventorship

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10/17/2016 Colloquium Series - Christopher Costello: “Natural Resource Federalism: Preferences versus Connectivity for Patchy Resources”

We examine the efficiency of centralized versus decentralized management of spatially connected renewable resources when users have heterogeneous preferences for conservation vs. extraction. Resource…

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2016.09.08.1315 - Marketa Trimble .mp4

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