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2016_10_12_T175-YinqiuWang-wangyinq (upload 10/14)

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Dean Roberts Interview - H Harmon

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2016_9_12_C575-KushalSingha-ksingha (upload 9/12)

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2016_9_7_C575-MatthewEwing-mcewing (upload 9/8)

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Compass Week 3 "Values" Recording

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Mentoring Expectations - Case 1 (Welch) - 02Sep16

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Volunteer Faculty Advisor Orientation 2016

Please review this presentation for more information and resources.

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GRAD_G1667 TandT Lecture 5 Mentorship Kroenke 08Sep15 - Clipped by Carrie Hansel

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UCSO is Here for You!

Come see us! We are here to help.

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Accepting or Declining an Offer

Making the decision to accept or decline a job offer. A choice that has to be made.

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Great tips for interviewing from our recruiters.

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Finding the Fit

Finding the cultural fit with a company or position. Yes, it is a thing.

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2016_3_15_UCSO - Tehanee's Series_Students - Job Search (upload 6/28)

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2016_3_15_UCSO - Tehanee's Series_Recruiters - Networking (upload 6/28)

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Year 1 - Explore Your Interests

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March 28, 2016 - Career Management Webinar

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