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Focus Group #2 (5_8_15) - Helping Kids with Autism

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HANDS Training for INSOURCE Volunteers_2

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HANDS Training for IN-SOURCE Volunteers

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Setting Up for Success in the Healthcare Setting: Patients with ASD and Other Special Needs

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Red Flags of ASD_ Screening & Early Intervention

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ASD & DSM 5_ Making Sense of Changes

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Webinar Series for Medical Professionals_ Autism 101

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Rudy Litavsky - Personal Branding Pitch

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SEM 2011-Sessions 3A & 4A

Thursday, November 17 3A The Inter Dimensions of Musical ImprovisationChair: Michael B Bakan, Florida State University Intercultural, Intergenerational, and Inter-Neurophysiological Encounters along…

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Disability Advocacy Group

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Richelle Hanes - Invitational Speech

Recording for 2nd class

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