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Networking Workshop - Building Relationships Oct 21, 2020

Hear from four professionals working in different fields and get their perspectives on networking.

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CIBER Focus: The Employee & Employer Relationship Domestic and Abroad with Kenneth Dau-Schmidt

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International Student Success - "Career Fair Recap: What Now?" w/ Kelley Alumna Hyemin Kim

Listen to Kelley alumna Hyemin Kim (Implementation Manager at Kyriba) share her advice on what to do AFTER you've attended career fairs to increase your chances of getting jobs/internships in…

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International Student Success - "How to Prep for Career Fairs" w/ Kelley Alumna Hyemin Kim

Kelley alumna Hyemin Kim (Implementation Manager at Kyriba) talks about her experiences as both an international student and a recruiter.

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International Student Success - Kelley Alumnus Lawrence Nah

Watch this video and hear international Kelley alumnus Lawrence Nah share his advice and tips on successful job/internship search in the U.S.

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2017_08_17-T175-ShelliYoder-wk2 (upload 8/23)

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2017_05_03_GlobalSalesWorkshop-HowStudentsAreAffectedByTheCGSL upload 7/20

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2017_05_18_DrKEI-LarrySharpf (upload 6/2)

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2017_05_18_DrKEI-LarrySharpf (upload 5/30)

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Meet Kelley Women: Caroline Cronin

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2017_4_4_YWI-Thailand-CarolineCronin-music (upload 4/25)

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April 4 - Discover and Professional Direction

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Jack Lorson Personal Brand Pitch

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Jack Lorson Personal Brand Pitch

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Tuesday, February 7 Academic, career, and personal counseling_student health

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