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Scattering from lattice QCD part 2 by Raul

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Electromagnetic structure of hadrons by Marc

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Creating a Padlet Wall

This video is a quick tutorial on how to create a Padlet wall at

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Buying a camera

A short video to help you shop for a camera

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Image Design

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Imaging Conference_2/1/2017

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Peds_GrRds 2/1/2017: "Online Threats to Children" Kristina Marie Korobov

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Diffraction Pattern to Electron Density Map

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2016_9_6_X503-LinkedIn upload 9/22

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Creating Research Posters: Adding Content to Your Poster in PowerPoint

Learn the basics of adding content to a poster created in Powerpoint in this video, including how to add and style text, how to add images, and how to incorporate shapes into your poster. This video…

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McCoin, R - Crisis Management Exercise – IU-IDB SSFP

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