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S&P 1.3-pt3: More Venn Diagrams

Here we show some examples of Venn Diagrams involving three sets at a time.

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S&P 1.2-pt3: The Law of the Exluded Middle

Here we go over a simple principle known as the Law of the Excluded Middle.

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S&P 1.1-pt2: Subsets

Here we present the idea of subsets. Several examples are given.

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S&P 1.1-pt1: What is a Set?

Here we give the definition of a set, and give some examples.

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S&P 1.4-pt1: Reasoning with Venn Diagrams

Here we give some examples of how Venn diagrams can be used to help reason about sets.

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American Dream

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Wesley Smith Ph.D.

Scheduled recording

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Scheduled recording

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Getting Started with Content Analysis

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10/24/16 Colloquium Series - Alex Lichtenstein: “Consumption, Productivity, and Crisis: Remaking South Africa’s Apartheid Workplace in the 1970s”

This paper explores the efforts of South African employers and the apartheid state to remake industrial relations during the 1970s in order to preserve racial capitalism. During the 1970s, South…

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Linear Programming: Word Problem, Application

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Linear Programming: Introduction

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Finite Mathematics help videos for Section 1.2: subsets, counting, inclusion/exclusion

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Finite Mathematics help videos for Section 1.1: Sets, Unions, Intersections, Complements, Cartesian Products

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Number of Elements in Set

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Intersection of Lines: Equilibrium Point

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