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SARC series - Dr. Sagara Dewasurendra

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Growing a Graduate Program using the Cohort Model: Our Journey

As enrollment in higher education continues to decline, faculty and administrators are looking for innovative approaches to stem the tide. Schools of Education have turned to the cohort model as a…

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Part-Time Professors and Blue-Collar Scholars: A Celebration of Adjunct Faculty

Have you ever:1. Eaten more than one meal a day in your car?2. Forgotten what day of the week it is because you don’t know where you’re supposed to be?3. Known your schedule would change…

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Nailing the Interview

Debahuti Chatterjee and Swati Rendon, Purdue University Northwest and McNeese State UniversityEnter here: Zoom Breakout Room #1 Meeting ID: 890 3941 9744This presentation will focus on the…

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IU's New Accessibility Tool, Ally

Ally is IU's new accessibility tool and is integrated directly into your Canvas course. Not only does it evaluate the accessibility of your resources and course content, but it also provides…

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Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush for beginners. Presented by David Rainbolt Zoom Recording ID: 8129412506 UUID: kiD0V8KrT8CjxCS0KUpAYw== Meeting Time: 2022-11-15 08:54:53pm

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Faculty Innovator - Christine Adams

Faculty Innovator - Christine Adams

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Inclusive Teaching Practices

We often hear about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but what does inclusivity mean for teaching practices? Join ILTE Director Greg Kordsmeier as we discuss why inclusive pedagogy is important,…

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Faculty Innovator Showcase - Jean Abshire

Zoom Recording ID: 8129412506 UUID: eW7ysttdSFiSekH0VrDCYA== Meeting Time: 2022-09-27 04:18:58pm

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Using Content Release Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement in Asynchronous Online Courses

Student motivation and self-regulation can be a challenge in asynchronous online courses. One strategy to improve student engagement and self-regulation is the use of conditional content release…

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So, You Enrolled in my Hybrid Course? Let’s Scrimmage!

In my experience teaching quantitative courses, students often do not know how to practice or learn outside of class at the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy. It is often uncomfortable or…

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Figures, and Charts, and Tables, Oh My! - A Workshop on Data Visualization Literacy

Data visualization (DV) literacy is becoming a more important skill for the public. Many disciplines are poised to help improve DV literacy among students. In this workshop, we begin by…

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Turning Theory into Practice: "Bellarmine Pathways: Knights Lighting the Path for College Success"

In 2020, I completed an instrumental, multi-site case study examining the non-cognitive skills needed to persist in and graduate from college, using Lin’s (1999) social capital theory as a…

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(Re)Examining and (Re)Constructing a Philosophy of Education

Teaching is a craft, one that requires mindful reflection of the what, why, and how in learning spaces. The answers form the foundation for one's philosophy of education and inform most every…

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Engaging Adults with Developmental Disabilities Online

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the delivery of instruction for many learners. It was challenging for students across educational settings to adapt to the new way of learning. One group of learners…

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Creating Classrooms of Radical Hope

Radical Hope (Gannon, 2020) is a pedagogical philosophy based on Paulo Freire’s work. Freire called for a radical transformation of society by raising students’ critical consciousness…

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Second Time's the Charm: Why Giving Second Chances to Students Improves Online Engagement

Students these days are more disconnected, burnt out, and frustrated with classes than ever before. Online classes can be an even more difficult environment to ensure they are staying on track,…

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2022 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference Keynote Presentation

Combating Stereotype ThreatCarol Hostetter, Ph.D., LCSW Interim Senior BSW Director / BSW Program Director and Professor, Indiana University BloomingtonWe have all had students who express doubts…

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Joy of Teaching: Gregory Kordsmeier

"The Transformative Potential of Meeting Students Where They Are" Inspired by the story of Bernice Robinson, this talk examines what college professors can learn from…

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Canvas Folio and Eportfolio tools

Join ILTE Technology Coordinator David Rainbolt via Zoom to discuss the two different portfolio tools available via Canvas: ePortfolios are a place…

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Intro Video Art Southwest

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A101 Introduction Video

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Ethical Issues

Presentation Citations: Anthropologist James Clifford asks, “Who has the authority to speak for a group’s identity or authenticity?” (1988: 8) Clifford recognizes these as two…

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July Hybrid/Hyflex Cohort

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