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Back Home in Indiana Alliance AFFH

Title: Back Home in Indiana Alliance - AFFH Duration: 01:19:47 Recording Date: 03/24/2016 12:59 PM

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Back Home in Indiana Alliance Webinar Lending

Back Home in Indiana Alliance Webinar Lending

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W200 08-1 Legal

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Syllabus Overview 1

Syllabus Overview for P507 Spring 2017

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L100 10-1 Employment at Will

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X100 08-1 Legal

Lecture 8: Organizational Issues & Styles

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Nancy Hogshead-Makar (2016), Title IX’s Heavy Lift for Coaches: Why Don’t the Most Successful Women’s Coaches Have Job Security?

Birch Bayh Lecture Series

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10/03/16 Colloquium Series - Yan Long: “Domesticating a Dragon: The Contradictory Impact of Transnational AIDS Institutions on State Repression in China, 1989–2013”

Existing research suggests that external interventions may reduce the aggregate levels of repression in authoritarian regimes by pressuring recalcitrant national governments to comply with…

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Y103 Chapter 6 - Part 3

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Y103 Chapter 6 - Part 2

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Y103 Chapter 6 - Part 1

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CIBER Focus: "Part One of Workplace Diversity: Embracing People with Disabilities" with Professor Jamie Prenkert - March 24, 2016

While many recognize March as a special commemorative month for women's history and rights, few are aware that it is also National Disability Awareness Month. Diversity in the workplace…

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